Nit Picky Professional Head Lice Treatment

Treating Head Lice Safe and Effectively

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Professional Head Lice & Nit Removal

Nit Picky professional lice treatment is currently available within the Temecula Valley and surrounding cities. Nit Picky offers professional lice treatment service's in the convenience of your home.  A lice technician will come directly to you and arrive in an unmarked vehicle for your privacy.  All lice treatment procedures are safe, effective, and guaranteed.
The Temecula Salon is permanently closed.

How Does The Lice Treatment Process Work?
Nit Picky offers a professional triple treatment process in combination with preventative care to provide our client's with a GUARANTEED lice treatment. Nit Picky Products are included and applied directly to the hair, and lice and nits are professionally removed on site. All product's are non-toxic and pesticide free. Once the products are applied, the technician will comb lice and nits from the hair. Heat is applied to the hair to kill any remaining lice and nits. During the last stage the technician will perform a final comb out to inspect for any missed debris that surfaces after the heat treatment. The combination of the comb out process, heat treatment, and Nit Picky products ensures a successful treatment. 


  • Stubborn Nits
  • Super Lice (Resistant Lice)
  • Curly & Wavy Hair
  • Thick Hair
  • Coarse Hair
  • Dreads & Extentions
  • Heavy/Long Term Infestations  (1 year or more)

Commonly Asked Questions About Lice Service

Where is the service performed?

In an area with a hard floor surface floor like the kitchen, living room, restroom, or outside on the patio if weather permits. 

Do you arrive in a vehicle that has signage?

No, the technician arrives in their private vehicle with no signage. The service is very discreet.

How do you shampoo the hair?/Do you need a sink?

It is beneficial to have access to running water but it is not necessary or required. We do not need access to a sink to wash 

a client's hair. Our products remain on the hair during the entire treatment and typically remain on the hair overnight. In summary, we 

will not need to shampoo or wash products out the of the hair.

What do I need to do/provide for the appointment?

The technician will bring everything needed for the lice treatment. You will need to provide a couple of towels and a bar stool or chair.

Wash hair with regular shampoo and conditioner and then de-tangle it prior to the technicians arrival. Damp hair is best, but it can be wet or dry.

I used a lice shampoo from the store and it said do not use conditioner, do you want me to use conditioner?

Yes, please condition your hair before we come. The conditioner removes the residue from the product that you used at the store and allows our product to be effective.

Is is safe to use your products after using a lice shampoo from the store? 

Yes, it is 100% safe and effective to apply Nit Picky products after you have used a store bought lice product. Nit Picky products are non-toxic and pesticide free so they do not interact with store bought lice shampoos that typically contain pesticides.

Should I have my other family members screened or treated?

It is highly recommended that all family members are screened and treated if needed to avoid cross contamination. 

Lice and nits can easily hide and go undetected in the hair for up to 6 weeks. A professional screening is recommended.

What is the difference between the salon and in home service?

In home appointments are very convenient for busy families to maintain their regular routines with little interruption. Services performed in the lice salon are exactly the same when they are provided in home. The main difference is, your place or ours.

How much does the service cost?

Please visit our pricing page for details.

I want to try and do it myself, what can I do at home to treat my family by myself?

We recommend professional lice treatment products and a combing out the hair with a lice a comb. Many families can do it on their own if they have the time to comb out and the right products. If you want to do it yourself or try and save money on services, we recommend our DIY Lice Treatment Kit.

Professional Lice Treatment At Home

The Nit Picky Do It Yourself lice treatment kit is a favorite for those client's who would like the most affordable professional treatment option. The DIY Lice Removal Kit has everything that you will need to start treating head lice and nits with step by step removal instructions. Plus, it includes an aftercare regimen, what to do to your home, and how to prevent future infestations. The DIY Kit includes product For 2-4 Treatments + After Care + Prevention depending upon the thickness and length of hair. 
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