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Treating Head Lice Safe and Effectively

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Why Choose Nit Picky?

Nit Picky has collectively serviced thousands of people for head lice. You may have heard about our service through a good friend, a school nurse, or your child's pediatrician. We are a recognized name in the community for effective lice treatments. When choosing to hire a professional we want to be sure that you are hiring the best for your family. Nit Picky strives to provide your family with exceptional service and have your family back to normal in the safest most effective way possible. As a consumer you have many choices when it comes to selecting the right lice treatment for your family. Nit Picky would like to ensure that when you are choosing a professional lice removal service that you know what will be included and who will be coming into your home to treat your children.

1. Does Nit Picky offer lice removal in my city?
Nit Picky offers in home lice removal services in the Temecula Valley and surrounding cities.

2. How much does the service cost?
 For more detailed pricing click here.

3. What is your minimum charge?
Nit Picky charges flat rates for service and a travel fee may be applied. Specific areas may incur a minimum fee for service.

4. Is there a travel fee or any hidden costs?

A travel fee may or may not be applied based upon your location. 

5. Are your products non-toxic and pesticide free?
Nit Picky uses non-toxic and pesticide free based products to treat head lice. A professional lice removal service will be able to treat without the use of pesticides. Make sure the company you choose does not use over the counter lice shampoos, that contain permethrin or other toxic ingredients.

6. How many additional treatments are needed?
Nit Picky focuses on a one time lice treatment option for your family. This can help to eliminate additional appointments and save your family money. However it is important to remember that lice removal is a process and additional treatments may be needed for heavy cases.

7. Is the service guaranteed?
Nit Picky offers a guarantee. The company you want to hire will guarantee their services.

8. What is the guarantee policy?
Click here to see Nit Picky's guarantee.

9. How soon can they make an appointment?
Nit Picky accommodates same or next day appointments based upon our current schedule.

10. Are Nit Picky Specialists background checked?
Nit Picky has set a standard in the industry to ensure that all of Nit Picky specialist's pass a criminal background screening to ensure your families safety.

11. Is the company licensed?
Nit Picky is licensed and adheres to the California Board of Cosmetology Health and Safety Standards.

12. Is the company insured?
Our professional lice treatment is safe and risk free. However, Nit Picky is an ethical business and is insured to ensure consumer safety.

13. How long has the company been in business?

Nit Picky was established in 2007. Since their opening they are expanding nationwide and have successfully treated thousands of people for head lice.

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