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COVID-19 Update 5/1/2020

We are currently accepting clients by APPOINTMENT ONLY on specific days. Nit Picky strives to maintain a sterile and safe environment for our client's health and well being. Our technician's wear an N95 medical grade mask and gloves during all treatments. The environment is sterilized in between each and every client, prior to the next appointment. Negative ions are discharged into the environment to remove particulates and mircrobes from the air. Nit Picky creates a healthy environment where it is safe for people to breathe. Call to schedule an appointment today. 

Welcome To Nit Picky Lice Salon - Temecula

Nit Picky welcomes you to our head lice removal salon, located in Temecula, California. A sterile, family friendly environment where you can relax while your family is screened and treated for head lice. Children can play with toys, color or watch t.v. while you have all of your questions answered. Our Temecula Valley lice salon offers the lowest rates compared to our competitors, we professionally remove lice and nits, plus we offer a 100% Risk Free Guarantee on every treatment

The Nit Picky Process


Screen every student or family member for live head lice and nits (lice eggs). 

Everyone must be screened to avoid cross contamination. Even those that

dye their hair and are not experiencing symptoms such as itching.


Upon detection of lice and nits a Full Lice Treatment is required. A lice technician will

begin to apply Nit Picky's non-toxic lice treatment products to the hair and immediately begin removing lice and nits by combing through the hair with our professional lice treatment process. The process typically takes 30 minutes to 1 hour based upon the hair type and the severity of the infestation. After the removal process is complete, a heat treatment is provided to dehydrate missed nits. The Full Treatment service is 100% guaranteed and includes a re-screen appointment in 5-7 days from the first appointment.


Upon completion of the lice treatment, the lice technician will educate the client

on methods of lice prevention and aftercare to ensure 100% effectiveness and prevention.

About Nit Picky Lice Salon - Temecula

Nit Picky is the original lice removal service and lice salon to service families in the Inland Empire. Based out of Temecula, California, Nit Picky has successfully treated thousands of individuals since 2007. The company started out of a home based office and small salon right here in Temecula. Families from all over Inland Empire would come for professional head lice treatment. To this day, Nit Picky is still the only professional lice company to provide the most effective and affordable lice treatment. Most importantly, to stay true to the company's roots, clients are always treated like family. Our Temecula Lice Treatment Clinic is here for you. We offer complimentary dry screenings all day, everyday. 

Call for more information and get rid of head lice today. (951) 676-8929

Free Heat Process*

Nit Picky now offers a complimentary heat process, included with our lice treatment services. The most effective way to eradicate lice and nits is through professional removal and non-toxic products. Heat is used after our removal process as an additional method to ensure lice and nits are killed in one treatment. At Nit Picky, heat is always complimentary and the nits are always removed from the hair.

*Heath & Safety Exclusions may apply, ask your lice technician for details. Currently only available in Salon.

Why Choose Nit Picky Temecula

Salon Treatments include a risk free guarantee, complimentary heat process at time of treatment service & re-screen 5-7 days after treatment.

  • 31 Day Risk Free Guarantee*
  • Lice & Nit Free In One Treatment
  • Child Friendly-Sterile Environment
  • Non Toxic & Pesticide Free
  • Kills Super Lice In 10 Minutes*
  • Removal of Lice and Stubborn Nits
  • Complimentary Dry Screenings
  • Complimentary Re-Screen after treatment
  • Free heat process at time of treatment 

See What Client's Are Saying About Nit Picky

"Great salon, very knowledgable and thorough. Answered all my questions and treatment was pro! Highly recommend!"

"This place is absolutely amazing. They're super professional , very accurate , and fast. Takes care of the problem the first time. I would totally recommend this place for sure."

Visit Our Temecula Lice Salon 

43053 Margarita Rd B108 Temecula Ca 92592

 43053 Margarita Rd Temecula, Ca 92592

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Nit Picky Lice Salon - Temecula Prices

Full Treatment - Guaranteed Lice Removal & Nit Removal      $125 Per Person|Flat Rate*

An application of Nit Picky products that kill live lice and dissolve lice eggs (nits). Includes professional removal of lice and nits, heat process, and a complimentary re-screen. Children can return to school and parent's can return to work the same day after a Nit Picky treatment. Guaranteed to be 100% effective and lice free in just one treatment.  Average Time Duration: 30 minutes - 1 hour

Mini Treatment - Guaranteed Lice Screening                           $25 Per Person*- Waived If Full Treatment Is Needed

The most effective and guaranteed method to screen for head lice and treat a new infestation. Same day contraction of lice can be detected. If lice or nits are discovered a Full Treatment is recommended.

Free Dry Lice Screenings In Salon Only

Includes a five point visual lice and nit screening on dry hair. 

Head lice nits can be detected on dry hair around 4-6 weeks after initial contact.  Early infestations can be difficult to detect on dry hair and a mini treatment may be recommended.

Complimentary School Lice Screenings

Complimentary school lice screenings for local schools. Contact us for details.

Do It Yourself Lice Treatment

Come in to pick up Nit Picky's professional do it yourself lice products.

*After Hours Rates Will Apply For Appointments Scheduled

Mon-Fri 5pm and after, Sat 3pm and after, all day Sunday and scheduled holidays.

*Head lice removal vary by the length, thickness of hair and the severity of infestation. Heavy infestations/course hair can take 1-2 hours, additional fee may apply.

*Requirements Apply

Discounts - Promotions 






*Verification/Approval Required -Must be mentioned during scheduling.

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