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Super Lice : What is Super Lice?

Super lice are head lice that have become resistant to the active ingredients in over the counter lice shampoos and prescriptions. Super lice have the ability to survive even after repeated use of these products or increased dosages. If you are still finding live bugs after using a prescription or over the counter lice shampoos, then you probably have a case of Super Lice.

What are head lice resistant to?

Permethrin/Pyrethrum Treatment: Over the counter lice shampoos containing 1% permethrin or 0.33% pyrethrum which can be found in Nix*, Rid*, Pronto* and generic versions.

Why are head lice becoming resistant?

Many people continue the treatment process by using lice shampoos repetitively. Instead of eradicating the infestation they are creating an insecticide resistance. Researchers state that it takes only 3-5 years for a bug to become resistant to a single product.

What about Ovide*?

Ovide* is a lotion that can only be prescribed by a physician. The active ingredient in ovide is .005g of malathion. Malathion is a pesticide widely used in agriculture. According to the EPA there is currently no reliable information on adverse health effects of chronic exposure to malathion. However as parents we must ask ourselves, ARE WE COMFORTABLE PUTTING A STRONG PESTICIDE ON OUR CHILDREN? We strongly encourage you to do your homework on malathion prior to using this product.

What about natural lice products?

Great, now you are on the right track. Thank goodness we do not have to rely upon pesticides and insecticides to eradicate our children from head lice. There is a better way, a natural approach with natural products. What parents must understand about natural products is that you still have to put the work in and comb out all of the eggs from the hair. The natural products tend to kill the live bugs by smothering them, but again it does not kill the eggs. It typically takes a parent 4-10 hours per person over a course of days to remove the eggs from the hair.  

What about mayonnaise, vinegar or home alternatives?

Mayonnaise works by smothering the bugs with the oil. The problem is that it can spoil in the hair and be difficult to remove. Vinegar is suppose to loosen the eggs, however our clinical trials find this to be untrue, plus it is harsh and irritates the skin. The problem with home alternatives is again the nits (eggs), if you do not get them all out, you still have lice.


What Does Nit Picky Do?

Nit Picky provides a natural approach to treating head lice. We combine a professional lice removal treatment with the use of non toxic Nit Picky products and a professional removal process. Our process typically take an average of an hour per person for a moderate infestation.
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