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Information About Lice Treatment Prices


Full Treatment - Guaranteed Lice Removal & Nit Removal      $129 Per Person|Flat Rate*

An application of Nit Picky products that kill live lice and dissolve lice eggs (nits). Includes professional removal of lice and nits, heat process, and a complimentary re-screen. Children can return to school and parent's can return to work the same day after a Nit Picky treatment. Guaranteed to be 100% effective and lice free in just one treatment.  Average Time Duration: 30 minutes - 1 hour

*Additional Fee's May Be Applied

Long-Thick Hair    $25

Heavy Infestation $25-$50

Detangle Fee       $25.00 - Detangle Hair Prior To Arrival To Avoid A Detangle Fee

Mini Treatment - Guaranteed Lice Screening                           $25 Per Person*- Waived If Full Treatment Is Needed

The most effective and guaranteed method to screen for head lice and treat a new infestation. Same day contraction of lice can be detected. If lice or nits are discovered a Full Treatment is recommended.

Free Dry Lice Screenings In Salon Only

Includes a five point visual lice and nit screening on dry hair. 

Head lice nits can be detected on dry hair around 4-6 weeks after initial contact.  Early infestations can be difficult to detect on dry hair and a mini treatment may be recommended.

Complimentary School Lice Screenings

Complimentary school lice screenings for local schools. Contact us for details.

Do It Yourself Lice Treatment

Come in to pick up Nit Picky's professional do it yourself lice products.

*After Hours Rates Will Apply For Appointments Scheduled

Mon-Fri 5pm and after, Sat 3pm and after, all day Sunday and scheduled holidays.

*Head lice removal vary by the length, thickness of hair and the severity of infestation. Heavy infestations/course hair can take 1-2 hours, additional fee may apply.

*Requirements Apply

Salon Re-Screen Appointment: Full Treatment service includes a complimentary re-screen within 5-7 days from the original appointment date during specific times and days.

Do It Yourself With Nit Picky Products

Maybe you are on a budget or maybe you just want to do it yourself. Either way, Nit Picky offers a professional do it yourself lice removal kit that includes everything you need, including step by step instructions on how to remove lice and nits.

 Visit Our Do It Yourself page for more information.

Reservation Policy

A credit card or debit card will be requested to reserve an appointment with one of our lice treatment salon, centers, and online visits. 

Cancellation Policy

Please note we have a 48 hour cancellation policy. To cancel please call (877) 888-2820 and speak to a customer service representative, please do not leave a voicemail. Cancellations received within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment time will be charged a cancellation fee.

*Additional Fees Apply To After Hours Appointments, Thick, Long Hair Types and Heavy Infestations.

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