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Lancaster & Palmdale's Original In Home Lice Removal Service

We are the first lice company to ever service the Lancaster and Palmdale region, successfully treating 1000's with in the community since 2007.

Nit Picky's in home lice removal service is trusted, effective and 100% guaranteed. Our head lice treatment is a safe and effective way to treat your family for head lice and nits and all that you need is just one treatment with our clinically proven lice and nit removal techniques and all natural and non toxic products. Your family will receive fast and effective head lice treatment from a kid-friendly professional lice specialist in Lancaster, Palmdale region. 

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Our Specialties:

  • Stubborn Nits
  • Super Lice (Resistant Lice)
  • Curly & Wavy Hair
  • Thick Hair
  • Coarse Hair
  • Dreads & Extentions
  • Young Children
  • Children w/ Special Needs​
  • ​Pregnant Mothers
  • Long Term Infestations  (1 year or more)
Services Include:

  • Professional Lice Treatment
  • Natural Products
  • Removal of Lice and  Nits
  • All Ages Welcome
  • 100% Guarantee*​
  • Preventative Care
  • After Treatment Care
  • Home Treatment Info
  • Private & Convienant
  • Customer Care & Support

Lancaster In Home Lice Removal Service Includes:

  • Nit Picky will conveniently come directly to your home to treat head lice.
  • The service is discreet and our vehicles are unmarked to ensure your privacy.
  • Nit Picky's non-toxic, pesticide free products are used during the treatment.
  • During the lice treatment, we remove  lice and (nits) eggs from the hair.
  • Advice is provided about home treatment. Learn what to do and what not to do.
  • Prevent future infestations with Nit Picky's professional aftercare regimen.
  • Our services are guaranteed and ensure 100% eradication.*
  • Your child can return to school head lice free with our clearance certificate for the school nurse.
  • No shampooing is required. Our product is safe and remains on the hair during the removal.
  • Peace of mind, so that you can relax and focus on your family and what really matters.

Lancaster Lice Removal Salon Service Near *

  • Acton
  • Agua Dulce
  • Del Sur
  • Elizabeth Lake
  • Juniper Hills
  • Lake Hughes
  • Lancaster
  • Leona Valley
  • Lincoln Crest
  • Littlerock
  • Palmdale

  • Pearblossom
  • Quartz Hill
  • Ravenna
  • Redman
  • Santa Clarita
  • Sleepy Valley
  • Sun Village
  • Valyermo
  • White Heather

*Subject to availability.

Lancaster, Need Lice Products? 

Get Rid Of Lice With Professional Lice Products

Have you tried everything over the counter to treat head lice and it's just not working? If you are still finding nits or live bugs in your families hair after spending hours at nit picking then you probably need to hire us or purchase products that are going to work for you, not against you. Your lice technician can bring lice products directly to you

when you schedule a mobile in home lice removal service appointment.

Click here to learn more about professional lice removal products. 

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