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Home Lice Treatment

Remember head lice do not live in homes, however preventative measures should be taken as a precaution. There are some simple steps a person can take instead of using toxic-sprays or even natural sprays to clean the home. Concentrate on cleaning what has been used within a 2-3 day period of time prior to treatment. Focus on areas where the head comes in contact. Then follow these simple steps. It's all that you need to do.

  • Clean Brushes & Combs:
Place in a plastic bag and place in the freezer overnight or clean the hair out and throw them in your dishwasher.
  • Clean your bed linens, clothes, jackets, hats, backpacks, stuffed animals, 
 Wash in the laundry, vacuum, or put aside in a bag for 2 days prior to using. If items cannot be washed, but are safe in the dryer, run them through the dryer on high heat for twenty minutes. Only focus on items that have recently had head contact within the past 48 hours, prior to treatment. Lice do not live longer than 48 hours off of a human head. 
  • Vacuum the carpets, couches, car seats, ect.
  • Wipe down surfaces such as leather with a disinfectant wipe.
  • Don’t worry about your pet; Lice do not live on animals.
  • Then relax. It is only necessary to do this one time after the initial first treatment.

Important Fact:

If you have chosen to treat head lice on your own and find that it keeps coming back, it is not because the home is infested. Don't waste your time continuing to clean your house. Remember lice need human blood to survive and will die off of its host within 48 hours. This means your home is not infested, and that you never fully got rid of lice from the hair. 

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