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Quotes It was our first time experiencing lice and I was panicked. We have 4 kids and we immediately went out and bought the "shampoo." Well, like I researched later, it doesn't work. And it didn't. We followed the instructions and they were still all over. The combs didn't even comb them out. Then someone recommended having someone come to the house - A Lice Whisperer! lol So I called a couple of places, but they had no one to come out. I called Nit Picky and they were soooo nice and comforting on the phone and were ready to send someone out. Alma came and she was amazing. She rid me and our 2 girls of lice and showed us the proper protocol to follow afterwards, which IS so important. She also checked the rest of us for it and luckily the boys didn't have it. She was so thorough and it was such a relief to have her. I now know how to so a proper check - it was missed the first time - and I know what to do to prevent it. Thank you guys so much. Worth every penny! Quotes
Satisfied Family

Quotes What a great service! Gave me peace of mind and lowered my anxiety. Thanks Melissa! Quotes
Satisfied customer

Quotes we were traveling for the holidays and ever-so-thrilled to discover you make hotel-calls. between Nit-picky and a great response by hotel housekeeping, we have been able to deal with this "extra special activity" quickly, effiiently and without disrupting our lives. THANK YOU! Quotes
Travelling heads
Problem solved!

Quotes This was my first experience with lice and after I tried to pick out all the lice and nits myself , I decided to call nit-picky and I'm so glad I did!! It was money well spent! Every one I talked to on the phone was very nice and helpful and Molly, who came to my house, was awesome! Thank you so much! After one visit we are lice free! Quotes
Bethany Albert
First time dealing with lice

Quotes With such a personal matter, this company was first class in every way. I hope we never need them again, but with three kids under 16, I'm keeping their number. Our technician Lorena was perfect for my daughter. Quotes

Quotes Asking a brand new friend in a new city at college to nit pick your three foot long hair is not the best way to start one's freshman year. I took my daughter to the doctor three times to see what in the world was causing her to itch. Doctor examined under the microscope, ruled out lice, prescribed creams, made suggestions... Well, can you IMAGINE how long and bad the infestation was by the time we figured it out? Those babies needed to be irradiated fast before the whole dorm/college was infected! Alas, I was 12 hours away. What were we going to do? Who knew there was Nit Picky! Much Obliged! Quotes
Mom of Daughter
College Student

Quotes Molly was amazing. She came to our house one evening (which was so important so I didnt have to miss work) checked all 4 of us and successfully treated myself and my two young sons who had lice. She also provided very helpful tips on how to keep it gone and how to handle things in the house like sheets, towels, clothes, etc. She was super calm and calming. I would highly recommend this company. My kids were checked 5 days later at school and they were all cleared! Quotes
Mom who has no time for lice!

Quotes After having two daughters catching it from school,I spent hours and hours picking through hair. Day afterday, still lice bugs and nits. I took the girls to Nit Picky and my dilema was erradicated. Our specialist, Arlene?, was very friendly, professional, and knowedgable on the topic. Clean facility, toys and TV for the kids. Very satisfied. Quotes
Overwhelmed Dad

Quotes THANK YOU THANK YOU AND THANK YOU. Both of my kids have had it since the middle of August. Over the counter treatments did not work and I was giving them weekly treatments. FINALLY thanks to NitPicky, they are lice free. Quotes

Quotes I am so satisfied with the visit. I had a scare with lice but but it ended being a false alarm. I'm so glad she came over to calm my nerves. Thank you for your awesome service. I can sleep peacefully tonight. Quotes
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