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How Do You Get Head Lice?

Posted on September 17, 2011 at 7:35 PM

How do you get head lice? This is a common question for people who have discovered that they have contracted head lice or for parents dealing with a child that has head lice. Unfortunately there are stigma's associated with head lice and it is a common misconception that the parasite is contracted because a person is dirty. Many people also believe that head lice comes from the dirt or the trees. None of these is true. Head lice is simply contracted by head to head contact with another individual or through direct contact with an item that has had direct contact with a persons head that has head lice. This includes a simple hug when two heads touch, sharing hair brushes, sharing pillows, sitting on a couch where a person with head lice has been sitting or even on an airplane or at the movie theatre. Yes, even the movie theatre.

The truth is that even though lice can be contracted from the environment, you should not be worried. There is only a 5% chance that you will be exposed to head lice by sitting in an airplane or by going to the movies. The majority of infestations are passed from direct head to head contact between two people, usually children. Why children? Children do not have a barrier of personal space the way that adults do. They don't mind getting close enough to one another. Imagine two children looking at something interesting. There they are, two little heads together oohing and awing and completely oblivious that they may have just shared the gift that keeps on giving, head lice.

So what can we do to prevent head lice?

  • Remind your children to keep a safe distance from other children's heads, including hugging. (Most little girls are into hugging these days.)
  • Do not share personal items: Hats, wigs, brushes and pillows.
  • Use a head lice preventative spray. We recommend Nit Picky Prevent.
  • Perform regular screenings on your children.

If you or your child does contract head lice. Don't panic, research your options and call Nit Picky. Nit Picky will provide an all natural head lice treatment option and pesticide free products that will safely and effectively eliminate head lice . Visit or call for information 877-888-2820 for more information.

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