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Common Lice Symptoms

Posted on May 18, 2018 at 2:20 AM

7 Common Lice Symptoms

1. Itchiness
Everybody's head itches from time to time. It can be from a weather change, new medication or simply a dry scalp. Unusual or excessive itchiness can be cause for concern. The irony is that some people who have head lice do not itch at all. Itchiness is a sign of an allergic reaction to head lice, so don't rule out head lice if you are experiencing other symptoms excluding itchiness.

2. Rash On Neck 
A rash on the back of the neck and bumps on your head are a symptom of head lice. This could be a heat rash, however if the symptoms persist and get worse then you could be experiencing a symptom of head lice. If you are experiencing a rash and itchiness, get screened for lice right away. We commonly see client's who were prescibed a cream by their dermatologist for the rash. When the rash does not subside, they begin to wonder why and start to investigate further and find that they do have head lice.

3. Tickling Feeling
A moving feeling on the scalp or in the hair.

4. Excessive Dandruff
Dandruff is normal, however unusual or excessive dandruff can be caused from scratching due to head lice.

5.Swollen Lymph Nodes
Ocassionally lymph nodes on the neck and behind the ear become swollen due to head lice. It is usually associated with a rash on the neck and itchiness. The body is experiencing an allergic reation to the bites from head lice.

6. Nits or Lice Eggs In Hair
Nits are lice eggs that are stuck on the side of a hair strand. They are shiny, white, carmel, honey, or dark brown in color and the shape of a tear drop. They do not flake away or slide down the hair strand easily. You will need to scrap them off with your finger nails or tweezers. 

7. Live Bug In Hair
If you saw or found a live bug in the hair then its almost certain that you have head lice. Sometimes bugs are found by a child who is scratching their head and the bug comes out in their finger nails. "Look mom what I found", the child tells the parent. Other times mom is driving the kids to school and finds a live bug crawling in her hair while looking in the rearview mirror. If you have a live bug in your hair, call for help asap.

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