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What Are Super Lice?

Posted on May 17, 2018 at 10:15 PM

What Are Super Lice?

Super Lice have been discovered in 48 states within the United States as of August, 2016. You have probably heard about super lice in the news and how they are becoming a big problem in the last few years since they are difficult to get rid of.

What Are Super Lice? Super lice are a resistant strain of head lice.

What Are Super Lice Resistant To? Super lice are resistant (immune) to the active ingredients commonly found in over the counter lice shampoos such as permethrin and pyrethrum. They are also becoming resistant to many prescription prescribed by physicians. Resistant means that products commonly used to kill head lice and their eggs are no longer working. Often times, physicians are now recommended leaving lice shampoos on for a longer period of time in an effort to increase the effectiveness of the product.This is an ineffective approach because resistant strains of lice are not affected by the shampoos and an increase in time will only result in the strains of lice becoming stronger against the shampoos.

How To Treat Super Lice? Nit Picky offers a non-toxic approach to treating super lice. The first step is to immediately stop using over the counter shampoos. The over use of these products is the reason that head lice have developed a resistance. If you do purchase an over the counter lice shampoo, use it as directed. If head lice are still alive after the first shampoo, then you may have a strain of super lice. Now this does not mean it's time to panic, it simply means that it is timeto consider another approach. Pick up the phone and give Nit Picky a call, we specialize in removing super lice. For those who want to perform self treatments, give us a call and ask us about what products will be beneficial in getting rid of super lice for good.

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