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RIVERSIDE: Buisness Is Lousey And They Love It!

Posted on October 25, 2013 at 12:50 PM

Press Enterprise : RIVERSIDE: Buisness Is Lousey And They Love It!


One fact of lice is that the head variety, Pediculus humanus capitis, a k a cooties – has been tormenting people for the past 10,000 years, based on the world’s oldest known nit on a human hair found at an archaeological dig in Brazil.

Today, the Centers for Disease Control estimates that more than 12 million people annually, mostly school-age kids, host these pesky bloodsuckers. (Head lice are different from the body and pubic bugs. Only the body louse is known to spread disease. Small comfort that lice can’t hop or fly, only crawl, but they move fast.)

Waging war with an arsenal of natural remedies and special combs, lice liquidating has become big business. Shannon Karrigan, who founded her company Nit Picky, Inc. in 2007, has two brick-and-mortar salons, one at 43053 Margarita Road in Temecula, the other in San Jose, plus independent contractors who provide in-home services in seven states.

“We pretty much have California covered,” said Shayla Bravo, who works for Karrigan in customer service in Temecula.


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