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Posted on June 11, 2013 at 12:15 AM

Has your kid been sent home with lice yet? Did you completely freak out? If not, you are a stronger parent than I.


Earlier this summer we discovered our daughter had lice and I kind of lost it. Then I poured some chemicals onto her head that I was pretty sure would cause her future children to have three eyes and prayed. It didn't work.


Near hysterics, I went online and discovered there are people who will come to your home and pick the lice out of your child's hair. Yes, it's a real thing! And, hell yes, I called immediately.


Someone from Nit Picky rushed right over and, in addition to treating my daughter, checked all of us out and told us what needed to be washed, sealed, or otherwise detained. Most importantly, she calmed down a mom who was about to hyperventilate.


After the ordeal was over, I asked Shannon Karrigan, founder and president of Nit Picky, to give me the scoop on what happens when your child gets lice, and how she can help.


Help! My child has lice. What do I do first?


Stay calm and try to remember that you will get through this. The first thing to do is to decide how are you going to get rid of this little problem: Are you going to attempt self treatments or should you hire a professional?


Why should I not freak out?


Lice can be prevented and eradicated; it will take persistence and diligence, but it can be accomplished.


What is Nit Picky?


Nit Picky offers professional lice and nit removal in the comfort of your family's home. Additional services include school and camp screenings, educational presentations, and non-toxic, pesticide free products that can be purchased over the website.


Why is this a better idea than something like a home treatment?


At-home treatments include the use of over the counter lice shampoos that contain insecticides, which head lice have developed a resistance to, thus giving us "Super Lice." When these products fail to get rid of the infestation, parents panic and seek out alternative treatments such as mayonnaise, cetaphil, and tea tree oil. Over the counter lice shampoos and alternative products can aid in eliminating some of the live infestation, but they do not kill the nits (eggs). This is where the nit picking begins, a process that takes an average of 4-10 hours per person. Many times this process can fail due to missed nits.


Nit Picky offers 100% eradication and comes with a guarantee. Nit Picky can perform the removal process on an average of an hour per person with a 100% success rate. Best of all, the products used during the treatment are all natural and do not contain harmful pesticides. Parents save time and money when hiring Nit Picky since parents can return to work and children can return to school the same day after our treatment. Plus we will provide you with a prevention plan.


How can I make sure I never, ever, ever, ever get lice in my home again?


Prevention care is key to keeping head lice away. There are lice repellent sprays available such as Nit Picky Mint Spray that aid in warding off the persistent bug. It is also important to teach our children not to share personal items like hats, brushes, and pillows. For girls with long hair, place it up in a pony tail or braid to keep it from dangling into another person's hair. Lice are spread through head to head contact; if contact is avoided, so is head lice.


Did you freak out when your kids had lice?


Author:  April Peveteaux

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