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Can you get head lice from a swimming pool?

Posted on August 29, 2012 at 3:25 PM

Is it possible to get head lice from swimming in the swimming pool?

The simple answer is no, head lice is not contracted in a swimming pool. Lice have the ability to hold their breath for hours and they hold on to the hair strand with tiny little crab like claws. So they do not easily wash away and they do not drown from your child's head going under the water .

Does Chlorine kill head lice?

Certainly it is possible, however it is not common and it will nill the nits (lice eggs) 

Do Head Lice Swim?

No head lice do not swim. If they do get off of the head an into the water, the louse bug will drop down to the bottom of the pool. Their bodies shut down when submerged in water and they will eventually drown within 8-10 hours.

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