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Nit Picky, Beaverton Oregon's Original In Home Lice Salon

Posted on May 14, 2011 at 12:50 AM

Nit Picky,  Portland and Beaverton Oregon's Original In Home Lice Salon

Nit Picky Lice Removal service has been serving the families of Portland and Beaverton Oregon for over three years now and is introducing our one time only treatment option that helps families to eliminate lice once and for all. Nit picky's professional head lice treatment is  trusted, effective and 100% guaranteed and best of all only one treatment is needed with our meticulous Nit Picky Certified Lice Removal Technique which has been clinically proven to stop lice in their tracks. Our head lice treatment is a safe and effective way to treat your family for head lice and nits and all that you need is just one treatment with our clinically proven lice and nit removal techniques and all natural and non toxic products.

Your family will receive treatment from a kid-friendly professional Nit Picky Certified lice specialist in and around Portland, Oregon. The specialist will come to your home and screen all family members and treat those who need to be treated with our all natural and non toxic products and the most professional lice treatment process. What sets us apart is that we come directly to you and bring all of the benefits of a lice salon and more. By hiring us to come to you, your family can comfortably go about their daily routines. Plus, parents can focus on laundry, vaccuuming, preparing meals or helping the children with homework while the lice specialist takes care of the infestation and removes lice and nits from each individual family members hair. This saves parents time from driving and shuffling the children around and eliminates stress since life is resuming as normal with a Nit Picky Lice Specialist by your side

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