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How Much Does Nit Picky Lice Removal Service Cost?

Posted on December 9, 2017 at 7:30 PM

NIt Picky enjoys being a resource in the community. We care about our client's and we want to ensure that everyone can afford the cost of professional head lice removal services. Be sure to call for a free estimate and ask about our special dscounts and promotions. Our current regular price rates as of 2017 are as follows:

Full Lice Treatment $99 Per Person (Flat Rate)*

An application of Nit Picky products that kill live lice and dissolve lice eggs (nits). Includes 100% effective professional removal of lice and nits. Children can return to school and parent's can return to work the same day after a Nit Picky treatment. Guaranteed to be 98%100% effective in just one lice treatment.

Includes: Risk Free Guarantee Average Time Duration: 30 Minutes -1 Hour

Mini Treatment/Lice Screening $25 Per Person (Flat Rate)*

The most effective and guaranteed method to screen for head lice and treat a new infestation. Same day contraction of lice can be detected. If lice or nits are discovered a Full Treatment is recommended and the mini treatment fee will be waived if Full Treatment is provided.

Average Time Duration: 15-30 Minutes

Free Estimate and Advice

Call today, our advice is always free and we can provide you an

estimated cost of service right over the phone.

*In Home Services Requires a $99.00 Minimum and a Convenience Fee

*Additional Fees Apply To After Hours Appointments, No Discounts.

*Head lice removal times vary by the length and thickness of the hair and the severity of infestation. Heavy infestations/course hair can take 1-2 hours, additional fee may apply. An average screening is 15-30 minutes.

For more information visit: http://www.nit-picky.com/nitpickyprices.htm

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