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Los Angeles & Thousand Oaks Back To School Lice Outbreaks

Posted on August 31, 2012 at 8:15 PM

 August 31,2012: Nit Picky Head Lice Removal Service announced an uprise in head lice cases within Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. This sudden surge is coming on just as children return back to school.  Here are some quick tips to help your family avoid coming in contact with this pesky parasites. 

  • Check your child's hair regularly for evidence of lice or nits.
  • Avoid sharing hats, brushes and personal items.
  • Teach your children to avoid head contact.
  • During labor day sleep overs, bring your own pillows.
  • Keep long hair in pontails or braids.
  • Comb through your child's hair often with a lice comb.
  • Use Nit Picky's Prevent Spray, to keep lice away.
By practicing these preventative steps, we hope that your child remains lice free or that you will discover an infestation in the early stages so that it does not spread to additional family members. If you do find lice rememeber to remain calm and give Nit Picky a call.


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