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Does hair dye kill head lice?

Posted on August 23, 2012 at 5:40 PM

Does coloring my hair with hair dye kill head lice?

The chemicals in hair dye can kill the live bugs but it is not the effective way to treat head lice. The chemicals do not kill the nits (lice eggs) so eventually there will be live bugs in the hair in a matter of time. The hair dye can also make it difficult to identify the nits because they are colored too. Just like easter eggs.

I just had my hair colored by my stylist, wouldn't she have seen lice if I had it?

Possibly, but this is not always true. Typically a professional stylist will put in highlights and weave color through the hair. The bugs move from section to section and can be very difficult to see. Typically only a professional with a trained eye can easily identify them or if the infestation has reached a level that it will be easy to see.

Your best method to treat head lice is to use products specifically made to eradicate them. Such as over the counter lice shampoos, precriptions or hire a professional lice removal service.

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