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Nit Picky's 1st Annual $5000 Head Lice Treatment School Giveaway

Posted on April 30, 2012 at 7:15 PM

Los Angeles May 1, 2012 – Nit Picky, Inc. a professional head lice removal company announced their first annual Head Lice Treatment Giveaway, worth up to $5000 in professional head lice treatments and lice products to elementary schools in California, Colorado, Oregon, New York and Nevada, within the company’s service areas.


 The program was founded as a resource for school teachers, nurses and administration that are aware of students and their immediate families who have been battling head lice throughout the school year. As the eyes and ears in the community, school staff can recognize those students in need. The struggle may be due to finances, a lack of time to properly treat all family members, disabilities and/or other hardships. Elementary school staff is encouraged to submit eligible candidates for consideration.


The Head Lice Treatment Giveaway is available to children in elementary school between the ages of 5-12 years old. The children that are chosen will receive complimentary head lice treatment services for themselves and their immediate family members. These families will benefit from Nit Picky’s professional head lice removal services. A head lice specialist will visit the chosen families at their homes and eradicate head lice and nits from their hair with all natural Nit Picky lice treatment products and a step by step professional manual removal process. During the visit the specialist will provide information on how to treat the home and how to prevent future head lice infestations. The families will also be provided with a complimentary Nit Picky lice kit.


“Our goal is to reach out to the educational community as a resource. Together we can help families who have hardships and are losing the battle against head lice.” explains Karrigan, President of Nit Picky, Inc. “It’s simply the right thing to do.”

 Nit Picky encourages elementary school staff to get involved and submit an entry form for the child/children who could be of the most benefit from the giveaway. As many families as possible will be considered until funds run out. The final decision will be made by Nit Picky lice specialists and based upon four critical factors:

• The number of entry forms submitted for the individual child/children.

• Number of days missed from the current school year due to head lice.

• Level of Lice Infestation

• Must Meet Qualifications Guidelines



• Entries must be submitted by school nurse, school administration and/or teachers.

• Entrants must be elementary school aged children, ages 5-12 years old and not going into middle school or junior high school in the upcoming school year (2012-2013).

• Entrant’s families must be experiencing a financial or physical hardship.

• Entries must be submitted between May 1, 2012 – May 31, 2012.

  School teachers, nurses and administration interested in the program should visit for more information and to submit an entry.

 About Nit Picky, Inc. - Nit Picky offers a safe and effective head lice treatment that eliminates head lice with all natural & organic products and a professional removal process since 2007. As a leader in lice removal we are dedicated to quickly eradicate the problem so that you can get back to your everyday way of life.


Additional services include free school and camp screenings and 100% natural  head lice treatment and preventative products available online or in the salon. For more information about Nit Picky salon, services or products call 1-877-888-2820 or visit




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