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Nit Picky In-Home Lice Removal Services    

Nit Picky treats head lice with a natural and effective approach. We use a safe and effective professional head lice and nit removal process and all natural Nit Picky products. The treatment takes about an hour person and the service is provided in the convenience of your own home.

The fastest and most affordable way to get rid of head lice is to hire Nit Picky. Our services include: the removal of lice and nits, aftercare treatment instructions, how to clean your home, prevention care and natural Nit Picky products. It's important to understand that you are not alone if you are dealing with head lice. According to the CDC, 6-12 million children in America contract head lice every year. The use of over the counter insecticide based products are the common method of treatment. The self treatment process tends to fail due to the long hours involved (6-10 hours per person) with the removal process and based upon the fact that the over the counter products are not enough. To eradicate head lice, every nit and louse MUST be removed. 

Do yourself a favor and call Nit Picky today, it's worth hiring a professional. 

Nit Picky Lice Removal Process


The technician will screen all family member and perform lice and nit removal on anyone with lice and nits. It is ideal for everyone to be available for the screening to ensure the success of the treatment, even those that dye their hair and are not experiencing symptoms. 


Our lice removal includes the use of Nit Picky's professional lice and nit removal products. The products are non-toxic and pesticide free. During the treatment process, the technician will comb through the hair with Nit Picky's professional removal process. This process will remove the lice and the nits (lice eggs) from the hair.


When the treatment is complete the lice technician will provide an after care regimen that ensures 100% success and how to prevent future infestations. If followed correctly you will never struggle with head lice again. This is something that over the counter lice shampoos, alternative at home treatments and lice heat machines cannot provide. 

In-Home Lice Removal Services Include:

  • Nit Picky will conveniently come directly to your home to treat head lice.
  • Our services offer a 21 day guarantee and ensure 100% eradication.*
  • The service is discreet and our vehicles are unmarked to ensure your privacy. 
  • Nit Picky's non-toxic, pesticide free products are used during the treatment.
  • During the lice treatment, we remove  lice and (nits) eggs from the hair.
  • Advice is provided about home treatment. Learn what to do and what not to do.
  • Prevent future infestations with Nit Picky's professional aftercare regimen.
  • Your child can return to school head lice free with our clearance certificate for the school nurse.
  • No shampooing is required. Our product is safe and remains on the hair during the removal.
  • Peace of mind, so that you can relax and focus on your family and what really matters.
* Additional requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is In Home Lice Removal Service?
In home lice removal service is a private and convenient option for families to get professional head lice removal services without having to leave their home. Nit Picky will send a head lice technician directly to your home to screen all family members and treat those that need to be treated. We treat people, since head lice lives in human hair and does not survive in the environment. 

Why hire a professional lice removal service to come to my home?
Treating head lice is a personal experience and it is time consuming. When hiring a professional lice removal service to come to you, your family can do homework, chores, necessary house cleaning while each family member is screened and treated. It saves the family time and does not impact the families regular schedule. 

If I have Nit Picky come to my home, is my home going to get head lice?
Absolutely not, lice and nits are properly disposed in a trash can and are killed with our Eradicate oil during the removal process. Additionally, it is important to understand that head lice do not live in the home, they live on human hair. Head lice are a human parasite and need human blood to survive.

Why should I hire you to come to my house instead of going to the lice salon?
Convenience is the number one factor to having service performed at home vs. the lice salon. We do not need special equipment or a special setting to remove head lice. Plus, head lice like people so there is zero risk of your home becoming contaminated by hiring in home services. 

Where in my house, do you perform the removal?
The process can be performed in any room that there is a hard surface floor and access to a sink. Usually the kitchen, restroom or at an outside patio, it is a good idea to have us set up in a comfortable location for all family members. We do not shampoo or rinse the hair, but we will need to wash off our combs as we progress with the removal.

Is it more expensive to have a lice technician come to my home instead of going to a lice salon?
Our lice salon rate is exactly the same as our in home lice removal service rate, in home service does require a minimum of an hour plus a convenience fee that varies by location and appointment time.

Will Nit Picky arrive in a car that say's LICE?
Although it is important to tell your closest friends and family about head lice, we do not make the announcement for you. Our technician's arrive in a private un-marked vehicle and appear to be a guest visiting you. The only way that your neighbors will know who we are is if YOU tell them.

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