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Nit Picky 21 Day Guarantee*

All family members in the home including nanny's and caregivers must be screened and treated if needed by Nit Picky. A 7 day aftercare regimen is required along with the purchase of Nit Picky's after care products that includes our Treatment Spray, Preventative Spray, and Professional Lice Comb. If our guarantee requirements are met, and your family contracts lice within 21 days from the date of your original appointment, Nit Picky will honor a guarantee.

*To validate Nit Picky's Guarantee: If proof of lice or nits are found, please save the proof or you may be charged for the appointment.
 This includes saving the live bug in a bag or a nit on a hair strand.

  • *All family members must be screened by Nit Picky.*
  • *All family members that are screened positive for head lice must be treated by Nit Picky.
  • *Guaranteed Up To 21 days from the original appointment date.
  • *Everyone in your household (including nanny's, babysitters and caregivers) must be screened and treated as needed by a Nit Picky Specialist for us to be able to honor a guarantee. (Two household families require that both households be screened and treated). NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • *If proof of lice or nits are found, please save the proof or you may be charged for the appointment if it is not lice or nits. This includes saving the live bug in a bag or a nit on a hair strand, if evidence is found in the hair by the lice technician we will honor the guarantee.

Guaranteed Void: 

  • *If all family members are not present during the appointment the guarantee is void and an additional appointment may be required in order to obtain a guarantee.
  • *Severe infestations of 3 months or more may require a second appointment.
  • *The purchase of Nit Picky's after care treatment kit is required or the guarantee is void.

Please be aware of nit or lice confusion, if you are confused about what you see, please contact our customer service and they will help you distinguish the difference between dandruff, hair debris and nits. You may also take a high quality picture of any evidence, usually with a black or white background and email us @ [email protected] 

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