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Nit Picky In Home Lice Service
 21 Day Risk Free Guarantee* 

Nit Picky has been in business since 2007 and successfully treated over 20,000 people for head lice. 

We stand by our lice removal services and guarantee a successful, risk free lice treatment.

21 Day Guarantee

Full Lice Treatment guarantee that covers the whole household/family up to 21 days from the original appointment date.

21 Day Guarantee Requirements
  • All family members in the household must have a mini-treatment screening by Nit Picky.*
  • All family members that are screened positive for head lice must receive a Full Lice Treatment by Nit Picky.
  • All family members that received a Full Lice Treatment must attend a scheduled recheck appointment within                                                                       5-7 days from the original appointment date.   
  • Requires the purchase of (1) Nit Picky After Care Kit per household
  • Required to leave eradicate oil on the hair overnight.
  • Requires a paid Recheck within 5-7 days from original appointment

If a family members is unable to attend the first appointment, an appointment for that individual/s must be made within 24 hours to apply the guarantee.

Guarantee Void
  • Dry Screenings Do Not Qualify
  • If the After Care Kit is not purchased
  • If After Care is not followed per instructions
  • If a recheck is not scheduled within 5-7 days of original appointment
  • If the recheck is cancelled/no show for all customers treated
  • If all family members are not mini-treat/screened within 24 hours of original appointment

Please be aware of nit or lice confusion, if you are confused about what you see, please contact our customer service and they will help you distinguish the difference between dandruff, hair debris and nits. You may also take a high quality picture of any evidence, usually with a black or white background and email us @ [email protected] 

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