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Dreads Lice Removal

Nit Picky dreads head lice treatment and dreads lice removal includes using our Nit Picky Eradicate Oil, a proprietary lice killiing product that will kill head lice in ten minutes. It is recommended  that you leave the product on for 8-10 hours or overnight for the first treatment. Several treatments will be required over the course of a 21 day period. Instead of cutting your dreads, depend upon our expertise and knowledge of the lice life cycle to kill head lice and stop them from reproducing. Nits will still remain in the hair since the only way to remove them is to cut your dreads since a lice comb cannot brush through the hair to remove them. The nits will no longer be viable after the 14 day treatment period and head lice will be gone.
Call Customer Service at (877) 888-2820 for more details and information.
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