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What is the real cost of having head lice? 

The average person suffers with head lice for longer than they need to.  During that time they will try an average of 5-7 treatments and spend countless hours trying to get rid of their infestation by cleaning, doing laundry and spending money on various remedies and tools.

Nit Picky’s mission is to provide safe and effective head lice treatments.

We do this by using all natural lice products and a professional removal process. Over the counter lice shampoos and prescriptions are not recommended due to pesticide based ingredients. Multiple applications of toxic pesticide treatments may cause severe health risks and should be avoided. 

Lice and nits can be challenging for any person if they do not have the proper tools and experienced approach to dealing with the issue. 

Nit Picky can provide a professional and cost effective approach to get rid of head lice.


Cost Of Self Treatments w/o Nit Picky

Here are the real costs of trying to remove head lice and nits on your own.

* Topical over the counter for individual x 2 treatments

$ 42.99

* For the rest of the family (just in case)

$ 80.00

* Store brand lice comb (most are lousy and don’t work)

$ 19.99

* Replacement combs, brushes and hair accessories

$ 50.00

* Extra cost of cleaning products

$ 30.00

* Extra cost of water due to extra laundry and cleaning


* Missed work (3 days missed based on $15.00 an hour)


Total Costs:


Immeasurable CostMissed days of school, countless hours of combing, countless hours of cleaning, missed special events and extracurricular activities, long term effects of toxic lice treatment, lack of sleep and family emotional stress.

Cost To Hire A Nit Picky Professional

Cost to Hire a Nit Picky Professional or to purchase a Do-It-Yourself Nit Picky Kit

*Lice/Nit Removal Appointment Per Person
Average appointment time 1 Hour 


Additional products for follow-up needs - Family Nit Picky Products Kit                           

This kit contains 8oz Nit Picky Treatment Spray, 8oz Preventative Spray and Nit Picky Professional Lice Comb.

$ 65.00

* Consultation on environmental care (No Products Are Required)

$ 0.00

* Follow up recommendations to prevent future infestations

$ 0.00

* Written step by step after care treatment and prevention information.

$ 0.00

Total costs:



Choosing Nit Picky’s worry free head lice removal services can save hundreds of dollars!

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